Monday, 12 March 2012

A Spear of Light in to the Darkness

As everyone (Mark and Chris) seems to be posting about the campaign that we are playing I decided I ought to share the Empire perspective, that and Im avoiding some work.

We are playing using most of the Blood in the Badlands rules, with a few changes to suit our story and location in the Darklands. We have played the first campaign turn so far and made the moves for the second turn, now waiting for the battles to take place. So far its been a great start of my Averland Empire armies, thanks to a lucky roll on the random events chart I have a third army, were my opponants only have two; this has allowed me to land grab and thus become the biggest empire.
In turn 1 I played Marks vampire led undead army and despite his relentless cheating I managed a win, largely thanks to mentalist Flaggellants and my Hero of Legend Hierophant Khaefesh Usterveld (aka an Arch Lector). My Flaggellants secured my left flank by giving a large unit of Ghouls and characters a jolly good seeing too, supported by the efforts of Usterveld as he smashed a mortis engine to iddy biddy bits. They then turned to support the right flank just as my greatswords were faltering, though credit is well deserved by the Empire elite as they held up a grave guard unit led by Abdabdegwengo (sorry Mark couldnt remember your vamp lords name, so I thought I name him after George from Phonejacker) a vampire lord for a very long time. I also had my steam tank in play and yes they are very slow and over priced these days, but very very pretty; it helped too by taking out Marks zombies. 300pt tank to take on 90pts of Zombies? Sure why not.

So next for me is a big fight with Sam's Skaven in the north. Im a bit worried as his mine has given him a scary amount of extra points, however my mines have given me some fancy magic items; including the Helm of the Ratslayer. Lets see that helm live up to its name!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Time for a steam time and why not? Basically I just wanted one so I picked one up at doubles and lo and behold I find the Empire loving is becoming an obsession. So she is painted, has a removable top to view the low effort but nice enough interior and the commander can be removed to the tank can be closed.

In other empire news, being involved in two campaigns and the opportunity for an anniversary gift has lead to some new purchases. Which Ill keep hush hush for now as my campaign enemies make up most of this blogs audience.

Oh and for those who were not there and who read the previous post that made a small mention of 40k doubles, I had a great weekend, some wins and some losses; but all in all a solid weekend. Mark will talk about it more I think on his blog the Rune of Stone, but highlights include a feet dance and volley ball amongst much much more.