Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Return of Word!

 Like many Im feeling the Chaos hype, but for me the servants of the true gods and no new fancy. After reading Fear to Tread and Know no Fear on a recent holiday, I returned enthused will desire to reshape my Word Bearers host and their daemonic allies; then with the Dark Vengence box release my path was set.

This is the first of the Dark Vengence models off the painting table, a new junior war leader yet to be named. In fact I really need to develop the fluff and organisation of my host, at least past the point of a loose copy of the structure mentioned in Dark Apostle.

Of course no true Word Bearers army would be complete without daemons and with the new all rules for force organisation the possibilities and far greater. Thus the recent addition of bloodletters and the repaint (it was some tacky job over 8 years old) of my balrogthirster (I dont really like the blood thirster model, very out of step with todays sleek deadly daemons).

So coming soon, more Dark Vengence models and a summary of my war host.