Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Flames of Construction

After a very long break, since my false start with Flames of War I have finally gotten back to it. The main trigger for this was Sam asking for a tutorial game, something I couldnt facilitate as I had never played; but we bashed through a few basics together to try and get a feel for it. Long story short I found myself fully enthused for the game, but realised; I have a force but no appropriate terrain. Thus I began to make

It has real windows

a nice lawn and hedgerow

and it even lights up!

Boom one down, just 6 months of building and Ill have a village. Ok so that wont happen, but Im think farm house to begin with (it has a non descript look for versatility); so a few sheds and that will be structures for now. Im also knocking together wood land, hedgerows, roads and some boggy ground. So soon my welsh guards will have some rural Europe to fight over in my own home.