Saturday, 12 May 2012

Bellys gonna get ya

Hes a big fat mess but I like him. Im looking forward to giving Rasheth a try, it will be a very different style to my normal favourite Hexeris. Titan sentry done too, with the Bronzeback on the way and Lord Arbiter Hexeris started too. What will be next after that? Who knows, got a few new toys in the form of Tyrant Vorkesh and a Cyclops Shaman; so maybe cataphracts next or perhaps nip the cyclops off first.

Also very sorry to hear of Lukes Burglary, Ill keep my eyes peeled for any sign of you Orboros models.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Busy times and lots of distractions

So as the title suggests Ive had less hobby time than I like, bloody degree! Though I enjoy that too so I guess its my fault. Anyway gaming, so the campaign mentioned earlier is still going ok; had a few losses but the Empire are holding together. We have had some down turn on fantasy enthusiasm recently though, so turns have been slower. Which has led me to dust off the Skorne and get excited about that again. So finally I have finished my Venator reiver unit, 6 of these were done an age ago but the officer attachment  and 4 remaining grunts have been waiting since christmas.

Im now on with my second basilisk Krea and my first Drake and the big fat fatty Dominar Raksheth, so it seems Hordes enthusiasm is live and kicking.