Sunday, 8 September 2013

Long time no post.

To put it simply I have been busy. I recently got married and will very soon be on my honeymoon, so good times there; but if your reading this blog I suspect its not for romantic stories. So on to the gaming stuff.

Well what a year, its become known as the year of abandonment, that is abandoning of GW. I had a massive surge of flair for Daemons and also some love for the Eldar release, but since these supplements have become a main strategy for GW I have spat my dummy out for very probably the last time (as far as GW goes anyway). I cannot agree with, nor accept the ridiculous notion of buying an over priced book, to use my over priced book,  to use my over priced models. 

So what have I done about this? I have sold about 50% of my once very sizable GW collection. Armies sold include; Tomb Kings, Lizard men, warriors of chaos, wood elves, high elves, orcs and goblins, bretonians, dark angels, imperial fists, raven guard, necrons, sisters of battle, grey knights, orks and probably some others I forget. 

What have I done with the funds? Well I have branched out quite a bit. I have expanded on flames of war to have a well rounded selection of British forces and also a nice German force. I have taken up Bolt Action (a game I need to get back to playing), also an early start in Malifaux and X wing. But the big winner is certainly with my now dominant system preference of Hordes Warmachine.

As a long time Skorne player, they have increased in size and flexibility, including my first gargantuan (Molly). I have also begun with Retribution of Scyrah, though they are slightly back seated due to stock issues and the manner in which Ive been swapping GW stuff for PP. Then theres the big surge in Cygnar. Ive really fallen for this faction and feel my knowledge base as a gamer is greatly improving with exploring the differences between skorne and cygnar, though Ive still a way to go to be a 'good' player. Any way waffle over, one pic of my cygnar battle box painted. Hopefully more painting developments will soon be in the blog o sphere.