Monday, 11 November 2013

Star Trek Attack wing

I recently got in to attack wing and what can I say, its proving to be a great game that really captures the star trek universe. I am already looking forward to replaying the biggest of battles and hopes are kindled for all kinds of missions and campaigns. The one bad thing about the game is that the ships come prepainted, but have no fear repainting is so incredibly easy. Below are my current ships, the federation and klingon vessels have had full repaints and the romulans being of a better standard to begin with have just had a wash.

next on the agenda is the Defiant and the Kraxon,

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Long time no post.

To put it simply I have been busy. I recently got married and will very soon be on my honeymoon, so good times there; but if your reading this blog I suspect its not for romantic stories. So on to the gaming stuff.

Well what a year, its become known as the year of abandonment, that is abandoning of GW. I had a massive surge of flair for Daemons and also some love for the Eldar release, but since these supplements have become a main strategy for GW I have spat my dummy out for very probably the last time (as far as GW goes anyway). I cannot agree with, nor accept the ridiculous notion of buying an over priced book, to use my over priced book,  to use my over priced models. 

So what have I done about this? I have sold about 50% of my once very sizable GW collection. Armies sold include; Tomb Kings, Lizard men, warriors of chaos, wood elves, high elves, orcs and goblins, bretonians, dark angels, imperial fists, raven guard, necrons, sisters of battle, grey knights, orks and probably some others I forget. 

What have I done with the funds? Well I have branched out quite a bit. I have expanded on flames of war to have a well rounded selection of British forces and also a nice German force. I have taken up Bolt Action (a game I need to get back to playing), also an early start in Malifaux and X wing. But the big winner is certainly with my now dominant system preference of Hordes Warmachine.

As a long time Skorne player, they have increased in size and flexibility, including my first gargantuan (Molly). I have also begun with Retribution of Scyrah, though they are slightly back seated due to stock issues and the manner in which Ive been swapping GW stuff for PP. Then theres the big surge in Cygnar. Ive really fallen for this faction and feel my knowledge base as a gamer is greatly improving with exploring the differences between skorne and cygnar, though Ive still a way to go to be a 'good' player. Any way waffle over, one pic of my cygnar battle box painted. Hopefully more painting developments will soon be in the blog o sphere.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bolt Action!

Images are all over the place, but who cares, you can still see them. 

There's just over a 1k lists worth here, enough to get me started at the game. Im really quite happy with these, Ive put a bit more effort in than usual and Im pleased with the higher standard. So next Ill be off to the battle field, anyone who is keen to throw down get in touch.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Flames of War - surge of interest 2

A few weeks back I had my first game in a while against Sam and his Gerries, it was a great game, full of 'we havent played in a while' errors, but never the less it led to a massive surge on new interest. So what happened with that interest? Well I finished painting my rifle platoons, their transports, bofors, M10c and much more. The paintwork on these is far from outstanding, though I think I achieved what I set out for in getting that army wide feel when there is a lot to look at.
I have also been knocking up some terrain again, I forgot images, so perhaps they will follow in a short post after this short post.

Other 'big' news, I will be joining many at Hull's Angels (not a strip club :( ) in getting in to Bolt Action; another WW2 game, but this one is 28mm. Ive also had a resurgent interest in battle fleet gothic after what was supposed to be a one last game, anyway I have a chaos fleet to paint now......oops.

Also as far as this blog goes there is a staggering lack of daemons, my major GW crush; so that is something I shall have to remedy.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New warriors of chaos

With the new warriors book out I find myself enthused with interest for the servants of chaos. But oh yes not for the human worshipers, rather the blessed children of chaos instead. But why? well the new warriors book is all well and good, but it didnt fit my old force very well. As a Slaanesh fan I have always had trouble getting the rules to fit the way I see the servants of the pleasure god and going mark of slaanesh for an army as a whole is just hopeless. But those issues aside the biggest issue was the massive rise in points for marauders, the now disgracefully over priced unit I had as my army back bone is a ridiculous points sink. So what to do, I love the marauder horsemen models and my Shaggoth conversion; but I cant keep an army for that. Then I remembered, I made my centigors from marauder horsemen long ago and I always wanted a bigger unit.

So long story short, Im enthusiastic about my beastmen again. First action was to build a Taurox the brass bull model and to convert the horsemen. Taurox has now had his paintjob so here he is. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Flames of Construction

After a very long break, since my false start with Flames of War I have finally gotten back to it. The main trigger for this was Sam asking for a tutorial game, something I couldnt facilitate as I had never played; but we bashed through a few basics together to try and get a feel for it. Long story short I found myself fully enthused for the game, but realised; I have a force but no appropriate terrain. Thus I began to make

It has real windows

a nice lawn and hedgerow

and it even lights up!

Boom one down, just 6 months of building and Ill have a village. Ok so that wont happen, but Im think farm house to begin with (it has a non descript look for versatility); so a few sheds and that will be structures for now. Im also knocking together wood land, hedgerows, roads and some boggy ground. So soon my welsh guards will have some rural Europe to fight over in my own home.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Blood for the Blood God!

 My friend Luke and I decided a goodbye game to the soon to be old chaos space marines codex game was in order, so to make it a suitable fair well we each took 4,000pts; Luke with his Grey Knight and me with my Word Bearers and of course daemonic allies (how fluffy).

The first turns were looking rough for me, something that seems to have become a trend against Luke lately. Luke had the first turn and his two dreadknights promptly shunted to my  right flank and caused some serious damage with their heavy incinerators, imobilising my Hell brute and vindicator, exploding a rhino and killing several marines.

My response was somewhat plasma based and one dreadknight was shredded, on my left flank two defilers achieved approximately nothing and getting desperate I fired my Havocs at the surviving Dreadknight as I was sure it had a great deal more menace to come, gratifyingly I wounded it twice.

As the game moved on Luke destroyed the two defilers and my vindicator, but not before his wave of rhinos and razorbacks were immobilized in a great line. He reduced my centre forces to ash and murdered my Khorne bezerkers with dishonorable shooting, somethig that was shortly to anger the blood god greatly.

On my first turn I had rolled for my daemonic assault and its seems that against my wishes the servants of Khorne were getting in fast, I didnt know it as the time but I was to be very greatful for that. Over on the far right of the field events that would twist the course of battle were shaping up. I had fired and destroyed Lukes razorback, then killed 5 of his six occupants (six what and un-khorne ish number ((not cornish, I imagine they have nothing against 6); the remainder was just within a 12" charge and I wanted my Bloodletters accross the field to an objective. So I decided what the hell, lets try. 2D6 rolled and bam 12", he fires overwatch, its an incinerator he gets 3 shots and does 3 wounds; bam 3 invulnerable saves. His last hope to maul the blood letters, he casts cleansing flame; but sorcery is not something the blood god approves of a double six was rolled and the pitiful purifier was devoured by Khorne himself.

Ultimately my true champion has to be my Coryphaus, Chaos lord and warlord of the host. He had rolled the legendary fighter trait, he had marched on through death as his army died in drove around him. Grey Knight heroes turned from him fearing the challenge that was sure to come (know no fear pah these were purifiers, allegedly fearless). In the end one of the two units the Coryphaus had waded through was reduced to just the Purifier champion and he could no longer refuse my challenge. He dead (at first he died, but now he dead). Another pivotal event.

The ending, 1 objective a piece; Luke had taken one in my deployment zone but it was cleansed by a Bloodthirster! That he then killed. I had taken one in his deployment zone with my Bloodletters, but he had it contested by some plucky terminators. He had first blood, I had breakthrough; it all came down to the Coryphaus and his trait 2-1 to the Word Bearers.