Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New warriors of chaos

With the new warriors book out I find myself enthused with interest for the servants of chaos. But oh yes not for the human worshipers, rather the blessed children of chaos instead. But why? well the new warriors book is all well and good, but it didnt fit my old force very well. As a Slaanesh fan I have always had trouble getting the rules to fit the way I see the servants of the pleasure god and going mark of slaanesh for an army as a whole is just hopeless. But those issues aside the biggest issue was the massive rise in points for marauders, the now disgracefully over priced unit I had as my army back bone is a ridiculous points sink. So what to do, I love the marauder horsemen models and my Shaggoth conversion; but I cant keep an army for that. Then I remembered, I made my centigors from marauder horsemen long ago and I always wanted a bigger unit.

So long story short, Im enthusiastic about my beastmen again. First action was to build a Taurox the brass bull model and to convert the horsemen. Taurox has now had his paintjob so here he is.