Friday, 15 June 2012

les grenouilles

L’armee de la mer

 L’armee de terre

Played a game with Mark yesterday using a reasonable amount of french armour and despite popular opinions on the forums Im impressed. The Bombards dealt many a punishing salvo while running away (very french), the medium tanks did well, though I can envision keeping them at RB2 could be tricky in the future. The landship was cool too, the heat lance better than I thought and more mortars can only be a good thing. Havent used much of the naval units I have yet and soon I plan to aquire the sky fortress, so more from the grenouilles soon.

Monday, 11 June 2012


It seems since finishing uni Ive been struggling to get stuck in to a gaming project. I have a Dystopian wars weekend event to write which is coming on but Im really waiting for the buzz to arrive on that one, the kind of energy that makes you work feverishly till a project is done. So Ive been biding my time, painting a bit of this and that; so I decided to get the old inherited Imperial Guard out and give them a lick of paint. Its a super simple scheme, got to be for that many infantry and vehicles right? Anyway, 2 Infantry squads, 1 junior officer squad with commissar and a command squad with a few advisers done so far; more underway.