Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Blood for the Blood God!

 My friend Luke and I decided a goodbye game to the soon to be old chaos space marines codex game was in order, so to make it a suitable fair well we each took 4,000pts; Luke with his Grey Knight and me with my Word Bearers and of course daemonic allies (how fluffy).

The first turns were looking rough for me, something that seems to have become a trend against Luke lately. Luke had the first turn and his two dreadknights promptly shunted to my  right flank and caused some serious damage with their heavy incinerators, imobilising my Hell brute and vindicator, exploding a rhino and killing several marines.

My response was somewhat plasma based and one dreadknight was shredded, on my left flank two defilers achieved approximately nothing and getting desperate I fired my Havocs at the surviving Dreadknight as I was sure it had a great deal more menace to come, gratifyingly I wounded it twice.

As the game moved on Luke destroyed the two defilers and my vindicator, but not before his wave of rhinos and razorbacks were immobilized in a great line. He reduced my centre forces to ash and murdered my Khorne bezerkers with dishonorable shooting, somethig that was shortly to anger the blood god greatly.

On my first turn I had rolled for my daemonic assault and its seems that against my wishes the servants of Khorne were getting in fast, I didnt know it as the time but I was to be very greatful for that. Over on the far right of the field events that would twist the course of battle were shaping up. I had fired and destroyed Lukes razorback, then killed 5 of his six occupants (six what and un-khorne ish number ((not cornish, I imagine they have nothing against 6); the remainder was just within a 12" charge and I wanted my Bloodletters accross the field to an objective. So I decided what the hell, lets try. 2D6 rolled and bam 12", he fires overwatch, its an incinerator he gets 3 shots and does 3 wounds; bam 3 invulnerable saves. His last hope to maul the blood letters, he casts cleansing flame; but sorcery is not something the blood god approves of a double six was rolled and the pitiful purifier was devoured by Khorne himself.

Ultimately my true champion has to be my Coryphaus, Chaos lord and warlord of the host. He had rolled the legendary fighter trait, he had marched on through death as his army died in drove around him. Grey Knight heroes turned from him fearing the challenge that was sure to come (know no fear pah these were purifiers, allegedly fearless). In the end one of the two units the Coryphaus had waded through was reduced to just the Purifier champion and he could no longer refuse my challenge. He dead (at first he died, but now he dead). Another pivotal event.

The ending, 1 objective a piece; Luke had taken one in my deployment zone but it was cleansed by a Bloodthirster! That he then killed. I had taken one in his deployment zone with my Bloodletters, but he had it contested by some plucky terminators. He had first blood, I had breakthrough; it all came down to the Coryphaus and his trait 2-1 to the Word Bearers.