Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bolt Action!

Images are all over the place, but who cares, you can still see them. 

There's just over a 1k lists worth here, enough to get me started at the game. Im really quite happy with these, Ive put a bit more effort in than usual and Im pleased with the higher standard. So next Ill be off to the battle field, anyone who is keen to throw down get in touch.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Flames of War - surge of interest 2

A few weeks back I had my first game in a while against Sam and his Gerries, it was a great game, full of 'we havent played in a while' errors, but never the less it led to a massive surge on new interest. So what happened with that interest? Well I finished painting my rifle platoons, their transports, bofors, M10c and much more. The paintwork on these is far from outstanding, though I think I achieved what I set out for in getting that army wide feel when there is a lot to look at.
I have also been knocking up some terrain again, I forgot images, so perhaps they will follow in a short post after this short post.

Other 'big' news, I will be joining many at Hull's Angels (not a strip club :( ) in getting in to Bolt Action; another WW2 game, but this one is 28mm. Ive also had a resurgent interest in battle fleet gothic after what was supposed to be a one last game, anyway I have a chaos fleet to paint now......oops.

Also as far as this blog goes there is a staggering lack of daemons, my major GW crush; so that is something I shall have to remedy.