Monday, 3 June 2013

Flames of War - surge of interest 2

A few weeks back I had my first game in a while against Sam and his Gerries, it was a great game, full of 'we havent played in a while' errors, but never the less it led to a massive surge on new interest. So what happened with that interest? Well I finished painting my rifle platoons, their transports, bofors, M10c and much more. The paintwork on these is far from outstanding, though I think I achieved what I set out for in getting that army wide feel when there is a lot to look at.
I have also been knocking up some terrain again, I forgot images, so perhaps they will follow in a short post after this short post.

Other 'big' news, I will be joining many at Hull's Angels (not a strip club :( ) in getting in to Bolt Action; another WW2 game, but this one is 28mm. Ive also had a resurgent interest in battle fleet gothic after what was supposed to be a one last game, anyway I have a chaos fleet to paint now......oops.

Also as far as this blog goes there is a staggering lack of daemons, my major GW crush; so that is something I shall have to remedy.


  1. How about some close up pictures Ben.

  2. October for a game of FOW and March next year for some BFG sound good to you? ;)

    Seriously though I LOVE BFG so we defo need a game...